Officials are warning shoppers about a new kind of scam happening in Walmart parking lots across the county.

Picture this: you just picked up a brand new flat screen to watch the big college basketball games. You're happily rolling the new TV across the parking lot when someone approaches you and says they work for Walmart  - and they need to see your receipt. Of course, you turn it over. The 'employee' says he needs to bring it back into the store to check it out.

You just got scammed.

That jerk is going to use YOUR receipt to steal another TV. He'll just stroll out, show your receipt as proof that he paid for the TV, and walk away with a TV he didn't pay for.

These incidents are reportedly happening across the country - and officials are warning customers. (We've heard this same scam has happened at Target stores as well.)

Bottom line: if someone approaches you in a parking lot and identifies themselves as a Walmart employee - ask to see some identification before you turn anything over to them.

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