Beloved basketball star,  Dwayne "Pearl" Washington passed away and Central New Yorker's are mourning the loss of one of Syracuse's legendary players.  

Dwayne Washington was an incredible player, and an even more outstanding human being. He joined the S.U. squad during the Orangemen's rise to fame, and earned his nickname "Pearl, " as a  tribute to NBA great Earl Monroe.

Washington was the innovator of a move that left many players dazed and confused on the court; the crossover dribble. He eventually went on to play in the NBA with the New Jersey Nets, and the Miami Heat. According to Coach Boeheim, via, Washington was a treasure, and will be sorely missed.

"There was no better guy and there's nobody who has meant more to our basketball program than Dwayne Washington," noted Boeheim, who is completing his 40th year as head coach at his alma mater.

The Townsquaremedia staff had the honor of meeting Mr. Washington at the 2013 and 2015 Sitrin Celebrity Wheelchair basketball games.

Matt Hubbell

He was a classy gentleman, who loved people and the game of hoops. Dwayne was diagnosed with a brain tumor in the summer of 2015, and unfortunately, succumbed to his illness less than a year later.