Small trip or big trip, do you find yourself stuffing suitcase after suitcase full of clothes?   Oh, it's such fun waiting for all those bags to be loaded off the plane.  There's a perfectly good explanation why we women pack so much for vacation.   Really, there is.  

The average woman changes her clothes four times a day on a week long vacation and according to a recent survey, one in ten women change seven times a day.  That seems a bit much, doesn't it?   Talk about eating up your precious vacation time.   I'd rather be having fun then changing my clothes even times a day.  Back to all those suitcase.  Do we end up wearing all those clothes we packed?  No.   Most of the women surveyed  admit they still end up not wearing all the clothes they packed, despite all that changing.    So many clothes, so little time.  Are you guilty of overpacking?