Music: It moves us... sometimes to tears.

During a Beats 1 Chart Takeover interview this month, self-described "very sensitive boy" Charlie Puth revealed that there are "a lot" of songs that get his waterworks running, but there's only one that unfailingly moves him to tears every time he hears it.

Puth—whose own hit single "See You Again" is undoubtedly one of modern pop's most emotionally charged tracks—told Beats 1 that the David Foster arrange of "All By Myself" by Canadian music superstar Celine Dion is the one song he can't help but cry to.

"Before the third chorus, she’s singing in A-major and its all a capella and you’re like, 'What are you gonna do, Celine?'" he gushed, explaining how the iconic ballad fills him with emotion.

Watch his interview, below, where he also talks about celebrity listeners (he counts Amy Schumer as a fan), growing up in New Jersey and how food poisoning inspired one of his biggest chart hits. (Yes, really!)

Plus, grab a box of tissues and listen to Dion's "All By Myself," below.

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