The "Boom Clap" singer had a little jam session at BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge, and the results were amazing. It's a totally different take on "Shake It Off," and it's unbelievable!


Everyone knows "Shake it Off." It's catchy, gets stuck in your head, and is one powerful feel-good song. Well, Charli XCX gave her take on the song, and switches it up, quite a bit.

The British singer gives "Shake it Off" a girly punk-rock feeling, and completely changes the sound of the song... without changing the song. The original upbeat song is no match for Charlie XCX's unique sound, added with ridiculously fast beats, and rocking back-up girls.

Plus, she really gets into it while she's singing, and starts dancing, and hey - we're not complaining. Check out the new take on Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off."



Imagine if she covered Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" in the same girly punk-rock way. Now, that would be a huge hit!