Chicks with Sticks 'yarn bombed' Albany, placing hats, scarves and mittens around the city. So what is the story behind it?

The Chicks with Sticks mission is simple: "knit for causes such as homeless shelters, hospitals, charities, and hospices near or far." The group is receiving national attention for their recent "Yarn bombing" of Albany. They left these winter essentials all over the park for people to receive for free.

"And I attached big signs that said 'I am not lost, take me if you need to be warm and know that somebody cares,' " said organizer Jody Mason."

We got to speak to Jody on the phone and she couldn't stress enough that ANYONE can knit. "If you can read you can knit". She also wanted to thank the girls she gets to work with in the group for all of their help and devotion.

Could we see this trend here in Central New York? Jody hopes this trend will go viral. ANYONE can knit and help out. It's a really cool thing to see this time of the year.

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