A girl who thought she was forgotten received a birthday she won't soon forget. To celebrate Chobani, the New York State Police and a bunch of strangers showered her with gifts and cards, lots and lots of cards.

Stephanie Wilcox asked people to send cards for her daughter Isabella's birthday this year after no one showed up for the last two birthday parties. Isabella has Asperger's and Stephanie says it's hard to explain things in a way her daughter understands. "People with Asperger's have a different view of the world and a different way of thinking."

Isabella received more than just a few cards. Hundreds of birthday cards came in the mail along with tons of gifts. Chobani and the State Police even came to help celebrate Isabella's big day.

Chobani, NY State Police & Strangers Celebrate Girl's 9th Birthday

Chobani, the New York State Police, and strangers come together to celebrate a little girl's 9th birthday.

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