You may wonder, is it a dessert or some weird concoction of pizza covered in chocolate. It's a dessert through and through and one that more people should know about.

I'll be completely frank with you, I have never been a dessert guy all that much. It takes a lot to get me excited when it comes to sweets, and Chocolate Pizza Company in Marcellus through pictures alone has made me crave a chocolate pizza. When you think of it, it's an incredible idea. Everyone loves pizza, and now they can get a dessert version of it.

That isn't all that they offer up either, they have what are called peanut butter wings. Those look like something late night that would just hit the spot, in other words, I need them in my life right now. It also seems like they offer up pizzas for all occasions. Fathers Day, Mothers Day, and every other holiday imaginable as well.

According to their Facebook page, they have gotten a lot of national recognition for their chocolate pizzas. Food Network, Hallmark Channel, CNBC & Forbes, People and Entrepreneur magazines have all featured them. They have all that they offer up on their Facebook page with prices too. I truly think these could easily take the place of a birthday cake.

Chocolate Pizza Company Churns Out Impressive & Unique Desserts

Chocolate Pizza Company is located in Marcellus, at 3774 Lee-Mulroy Road.

I'll be checking them out this weekend for sure. My girlfriend is quite the baker and I'm sure these will be impressive to her. I also feel like I will finally find a sweet I love!

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