Is this store's Christmas tree display the earliest in Central New York?

If you want to feel like summer is almost over, take a look at all the back-to-school supplies that are all over the shelves at every CNY store. But Christmas trees?! We haven't even cracked into Halloween candy yet, for crying out loud.

We were actually shopping for backyard furniture when we stumbled across this display of Christmas trees at the new At Home store in New Hartford. Call me crazy, but does this seem a little too soon?

Maybe you're one of those people thinking about ornaments and egg nog right now, but most of us haven't even started to look for school supplies and the correct scientific calculator for our kids. Seriously - it's July - my bathing suit is still wet.

Why do we always have to be rushed along to the next thing? Can't we just stop and smell the (retail) roses? Let us bask in backpacks, celebrate skeletons, and contemplate cornucopias before we have to stare the big Kahuna of holidays in the eye: Christmas.

Listen At Home, I love ya' and your cavernous home shopping store - but you can keep your Christmas trees until mid-November at the earliest.

What do you think? Is is too early for Christmas trees and Christmas decorations to be out in stores?

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