Cindy Valik is the newest member of the Super Mom Squad. She shares the story of a birthday party where everything went wrong.

Every mom has had one of those days - you forget to pick the kids up from practice, you drop your son off at a birthday party after it ends - whatever. We feel terrible, we feel guilty, and we feel like the only mom that's ever made such a mistake. Baloney! It's time to take back the #momfail and celebrate those mistakes - when something goes wrong, it just makes you part of a Super Mom Squad - along with every mom who screwed up while trying her best.

Cindy Valik of Hoffmeister tells her #momfail story:

I had a day when everything that could go wrong did go wrong.
It was the day of my daughter's 16th birthday party. I had a list of what I needed to get and upon arriving at the first store, the list must have fell out of my pocket and was never located. I kept going to the next stop, when I came out -flat tire. Called AAA, it took 2 hours. Went to pick up the cotton candy machine, they had me renting the next week. All that they had was a popcorn maker and that had to work at that point. Next stop the cake. It said happy birthday samantha (right) but there was a very nice looking young man's face on the cake. Definitely not my daughter. They said it would take 2 hours to fix it, I didn't have 2 hours. I settled on a generic one. Went to the car and it would not start. Again called AAA, this time 45 minutes. The car was towed because the starter went. I just cried at that point.
I called a friend to rescue me and she did. We made it 20 minutes before the party. Got most things set as the kids arrived. As I set the food up it hit me, I never picked up the cold cut platter. I was about to loose it when my daughter gave me a huge hug and said you are awesome Mom thank you.
So what I thought was an epic fail, Sam saw as Mom tried!!!

Welcome to the Super Mom Squad, Cindy! You're also the winner of a $200 gift card to Kinney Drugs. Kinney carries anything you need to keep your mom game at it's best. I don't think they sell shoes, though.

Congratulations, Cindy - you're a great mom.


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