If you leave your pet outside in the extreme heat or cold in Utica, expect to get a ticket. That's according to a new ordinance added to the City Code.

The Utica Common Council passed legislation that adds a section to the City Code. The new section is called "The Protection of Dogs."

The legislation says that under certain weather conditions, an owner that leaves their dog tethered outside for more than two hours will be ticketed. The ordinance will be enforced on days where the temperature is either colder that 32 degrees (excluding wind chill) or hotter than 90 degrees (excluding humidity).

The ordinance goes on to say that the dog doesn't have to be harmed in order for the owner to be ticketed. Additionally, dogs that are exhibiting signs of either frostbite or heat stroke will be assumed to have been left outside beyond the allowed time.

According to the legislation, this code does not apply to pets who are left outside in a yard, but not tethered. "It is believed that most dogs tethered outside for prolonged periods do not have adequate protection."

Councilwoman Samantha Colosimo-Testa shared the code on her Facebook page.

The legislation excludes hunting or working dogs.

What do you think about this new code? Does it go too far, or not far enough by not protecting dogs that are simply left outside but not tethered?

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