And they said it would last forever, but the latest May-December celebrity couple to split involves Clint Eastwood and his second wife Dina Ruiz. After 17 years of marriage they are calling it quits. But they were such a perfect couple?

There had been rumors of marriage trouble for some time now and it’s been rumored they’ve been living apart for over a year. Some Hollywood insiders say the split happened when Clint caught Dina with a new man at their beach house. Sounds like a script for a made for TV movie.

Anyway, the 'other' man is 6-foot-7 University of Hawaii assistant basketball coach Scott Fisher, who’s an old high school boyfriend of Dina and their romance seems to have been confirmed via social media.

Well Clint, I guess you have to ask yourself one question, "Do you feel lucky in love? Well, do ya punk?" Just kidding Clint.