Looking for a different taste this coming Thanksgiving? What about a BBQ style Thanksgiving? These 4 BBQ restaurants in Central New York are offering great Thanksgiving to go options.

1) Boneyard BBQ

Boneyard BBQ of Utica doesn't want you to cook this Thanksgiving. They are selling a smoked turkey for $5.99per/lb. Currently only 50 are available. A $30 deposit is required. You can try and win one through November 22nd on their website.


2) Mo’s Pit BBQ

Mo's Pit BBQ of Camillus is offering amazing food options for Thanksgiving including the following menu: Deep-fried turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted butternut squash, green beans, cornbread stuffing, and homemade bread. Syracuse.com reports turkey is $7.99 per pound, side dishes are $6.99 per pound, gravy is $2.99 per pint and homemade sourdough bread is $2.99 per loaf. Order by calling the restaurant at (315) 320-4643.


3) Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

There is no bigger name for BBQ in New York than Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. In Syracuse they are offering the following menu: Pit-roasted turkey, turkey giblet gravy, cornbread stuffing, whipped sweet potatoes, and the choice of two pies (sweet potato pecan, key lime, pumpkin, apple, peanut butter and chocolate ice box). The price for dinner is $139.95, or $84.95 for just the turkey and gravy


4) Smoke Incorporated BBQ

Smoke Inc. BBQ is offering both turkey and ham this Thanksgiving. Text or call (315) 558-1009 to order. The cost is $60 for the turkey, and $50 for the ham. The turkey is either 12-14 pounds, and the ham is 8-10 pounds.





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