It's been a rough winter. Sure there were plenty of days that you could bundle the kids up and send them outside in the snow. But after a run of mild, rainy weather with no snow, the kids are starting to get a little cabin fever. Parents too! So here are a few short drives from Utica to some amazing things you can do with your kids.

This is a really exciting addition to Upstate New York. Via Aquarium has been open since mid-November in the Rotterdam Square Mall. They boast over 25,000 square feet of "oceanic treasures". Their tunnel tanks give you an incredible view of sea life surrounding you on all sides. Lots of hands on stuff too - the kids can touch a live sting ray or or other aquatic life, and see some amazing creatures up close. Really close!

You can find out more at

The Museum of Science & Technology always has so many activities that interest kids - they don't even know they're learning something! It's a great location too, right in Armory Square. The February break day camp sounds like a perfect learning opportunity. You can find out more about it and other upcoming events at

You're never too old to have fun here! Kids of all ages will find something to love about the Museum of Play. From Sesame Street and lots of hands-on exhibits kids can play with, to the endless rooms of collections of every toy imaginable. And their collection of electronic games is one of the biggest in the world. You can take your kids there from year to year and still find something new every time. If you think you might want to go there more than twice a year, it's definitely worth it to get a full year family membership. You can find out more at

Sciencenter is another educational gem, just 2 hours away from Utica. It is an extremely active center with lots of special events and programs for the kids. Check out their calendar for a list of upcoming activities - most of them are included with regular admission. Find out more at

All these places make nice day trips while still keeping plenty of educational content in there for the kids. You'll probably even learn something too! What's your favorite day trip with the kids to break up boredom over the long winter in Central New York?



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