Not so fast, parents. I know we've been covering a lot of stories about the potential ill effects from playing too many video games. But here's another angle: BIG cash.

If your kid is really good at Fortnite, he or she could score some big bucks. Video game players worldwide will be aiming and gaming for a shot at a $30 million dollar prize pool playing in the Fortnite World Cup starting in April. Yes, just like soccer, there's a Fortnite World Cup.

According to, there will be 10 weekly online qualifiers open to every player April 13-June 16. The top performers from each week will have a chance to grab a share of a $1 million dollar weekly prize.

After the qualifying rounds, the top 100 players and 50 teams head to the Big Apple for the Fortnite World Cup finals the weekend of July 26-28. That's when the $30 million prize pool is up for grabs, with one big winner taking home a $3 million grand prize.

These payouts might seem large, but, don't worry, Fortnite made over $2.4 billion in 2018, so they can afford it.

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