Mother Nature may have been a little late bringing winter to Central New York, but it finally arrived. Before all the snow that recently fell, it was ice, lots and lots of ice. One hockey fan took advantage of all that ice, ice baby, and made a video that is starting to go viral.

Finley Hagan of Cazenovia, New York has been playing hockey for the past 6 years. The 13-year-old currently is a defenseman for the Skaneateles 08 travel team. "We don’t have a youth program so we commute," dad Sean Hagan says.

The family was headed out to one of Finley's games in Skaneateles, New York over the weekend and decided to have a little fun after seeing all the ice that had covered their truck. They created a video of Finley rolling down his window and crashing his head through the ice that still remained, in true hockey fashion. It's a move that would make any Canadian proud.

The video started to go viral on Facebook. A day later, Hagan posted it on TikTok, adding music to the video, making it even more perfect.

Now that the snow and ice are over, Mother Nature is bringing us a blast of cold arctic air. A Wind Chill Warning is in effect until 10 AM Tuesday, January 11 for Oneida County. Wind chills could be as low as 30 below which could cause frostbite to exposed skin in less than 10 minutes. Be sure to bundle up if you're heading outside.

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