Senior year is a special time for teenagers as they get ready to experience their high school graduation. According to one CNY mom, her daughter's senior year hit a snag when she was left off the senior class t-shirt.

Cheryl Teeter, a parent in the Richfield Springs School District, says her daughter was left off the senior t-shirts and sweatshirts deliberately, and Cheryl thinks it was because her daughter attends a BOCES culinary program.

As part of a lengthy Facebook post, Cheryl wrote "All the t-shirts and sweatshirts have been bought without these three students names on them, my daughter attends BOCES in the am, she is taking culinary to learn a trade and get a jump start on college, she is a very smart young lady, well grounded with a mature mind and knows what direction she is taking in life. She is upfront, honest and highly speaks her mind, I have raised her that way but with respect towards her elders. I can not tell you how many negative comments have been made because she attends Boces like many students, does this give others the right to label her and others or leave them out of the senior activities, no!!!"

According to Cheryl, two other students were also excluded from the t-shirt.

After her original Facebook was shared over 100 times, Cheryl says her daughter met with the district's superintendent, Mr. Tom Piatti, who agreed to reprint the t-shirts, this time including the students who were left off. 



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