As if parents don't have enough to worry about, there are now reports of teen girls being followed by adult men at a local mall.

Heidi Dooley, of New Hartford, was shopping at Sangertown Mall during the holiday when another mother alerted her to something frightening: two men were watching her teen daughter in one of the stores. Heidi posted the following on Facebook:

BE ALERT WHEN SHOPPING! Today, my daughter and I went out to finish our shopping. We were in Dick’s when a woman approached me. She told me there were 2 men that were watching my daughter. She was so concerned about it, as was her husband, who followed them out of the store to keep an eye on them. My daughter told me that she saw them staring at her and hid behind a shelf. That’s when I reached her and the woman came up to us. I was uneasy the rest of our time in the mall. Thank you to that woman and her husband for looking out for us. Please tell your daughters not to go to the mall alone.

That's scary. Heidi and her daughter are not alone. Another young lady (who wished to remain nameless) posted a warning on her Twitter account:

PSA girls in CNY area, do not go to the mall alone!! Today I was followed through a parking lot into the mall by a man in a grey hooded jacket until I got in the front door and a mall cop was visible, he immediately turned the other way and walked away from the mall!!

She confirmed in the replies that this was also at Sangertown Square Mall. Among the replies were other young women suggesting something similar had happened to them. In fact, my own teenage daughter says she was followed by an older man through Macy's.

Heidi reported the incident to the New Hartford Police Department

Parents, be certain to keep an eye on your child, and caution older children to be aware of their surroundings at all times and especially when in the parking lot. If you're ever in the mall and feel unsafe, don't hesitate to talk to mall security or even a store employee, who can call for security for you.




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