A Central New York police department had to rescue a dog from a too hot car - even though the owner thought they did the right thing.

Most responsible pet owners know you can never leave your pet in an unattended car in the summer - it's too hot. Maybe you're one of the people who think that leaving the vehicle's windows open a few inches is enough to keep your dog cool, and safe. The Syracuse Police Department wants to remind you - it's not.

The Syracuse Police Department was forced to rescue a dog from a vehicle after he was left unattended on a 80+ degree day. Even though the owner left the windows on the car partially open, it was "NOT enough to cool the car."

In fact, the American Veterinary Medical Association says that leaving the windows open makes no measurable difference in how quickly the inside of your car heats up. That means on a day like the one where the Syracuse Police rescued this dog, the interior temperature of the car could have heated up over 100 degrees in 10 minutes or less.

Credit: Jan Null, CCM/San Francisco State University via AVMA.org

The bottom line is this: when its hot out, leave your dog at home. It's safer - and cooler - for them there.