You certainly want to be extra careful on the roads this weekend.  State troopers tell us  the Thanksgiving weekend has the year's highest volume of drivers on the road.  Again this holiday weekend, they plan to crack down on drunk and dangerous drivers here in Central New York.  They have stepped-up patrols and that will continue through Sunday night.

According to a report in the Times Union, there will be many additional sobriety checkpoints as well.  The will focus on impaired, distracted, aggressive and reckless drivers.

The police say icy road conditions could also play a factor in this weekend's traffic.  They caution drivers to slow down and leave early for their destinations.   State police also warn drivers to put away their smartphones, follow posted speed limits and make sure everyone in the car is buckled up.  Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in 2015, hundreds of tickets were given out for distracted driving.