A Central New York school has removed the exterior doors from its bathrooms in an effort to curb fighting and vaping among its students.

Rome Free Academy in Rome, the district's high school made the decision to remove the bathroom doors due to an "increase in fighting, bullying, and vaping," according to a letter sent to parents. The doors to the individual stalls are still there.

Credit: Rome Free Academy
Credit: Rome Free Academy

Response on social media has been mixed, with some parents applauding the district's efforts to do something about bullying and vaping while others have expressed concerns about students' privacy. 

Vaping or "juuling" is on the rise among teens, with the FDA stepping in to crack down on sales to kids.

Will Removing The Bathroom Doors Have an Impact?

It will remain to be seen whether removing the doors will have any impact at all. Vaping is a new phenomenon, while bullying and fighting have gone on since kids starting going to school - and certainly isn't limited to bathrooms.

What do you think? Is this move really going to make a difference? If not, what do you think should be done?



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