As you make your final preparations, and plot your course for last-minute Christmas shopping in Central New York for 2017, you need to know whether the weather will cooperate with your plans.

The good news: There won't be any bone-chilling days.

The bad news: A couple of days could present some pretty sloppy driving and walking around conditions.

Here are the remaining shopping days and each day's outlook, based on our trusty Sloppy Weather Index (SWI), with a scale of 1-10, from best conditions to worst.

Tuesday, December 19
The forecast calls for a 60% chance of showers, mostly in the afternoon, and highs in the low-40s. SWI: 6 (Get 'er done early, then go home and finish those darn Christmas cards.)

Wednesday, December 20
The forecast calls for a 40% chance of snow in the morning and high temps around 30 degrees. SWI: 4 (Shop 'til the puck drops; the Comets are home at 7:00.)

Thursday, December 21
The forecasted high temp for the day is 21 degrees and there's just a 10% chance of precipitation. SWI: 2 (This might be your best shot all week to find that sweater your sister will pretend to like.)

Friday, December 22
A wintry mix of rain and snow, with chances of precipitation growing from 70-90% as the day progresses to evening, and highs in the upper-30s. SWI: 10 (Good day to shop online.)

Saturday, December 23
Steady rain in the morning, progressing into afternoon, with high temps in the mid-40s. SWI: 9 (Who are you kidding? Open a bottle of wine and watch Die Hard.)

Sunday, December 24
Cloudy conditions with forecasted high temps in the mid-30s. SWI: 1 (The weather's okay on Christmas Eve, but do you really wanna be THAT guy?)

Monday, December 25
A 60% chance of snow with the high temperature near the freezing mark. Good luck to you desperate Christmas Day convenience store shoppers. SWI: 6 (Great deals on fidget spinners at most gas stations.)


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