A Central New York woman says she bought a new fridge from a New Hartford big box store, and it came with a bonus: cockroaches.

Brittini Lynn and her partner Adam did what many people do when searching for a new appliance - they went straight to a big box store in New Hartford to pick up a new refrigerator. What happened after that sounds like something out of a horror movie, according to Brittini's side of the story (hold on to your hats):

"On July 17th Adam and I purchased a NEW fridge from Lowes in New Hartford, NY. a few days after bringing it home we noticed bugs in our kitchen. turns out they were German cockroaches. our home has always been clean. this has never been an issue until we brought this fridge home. we placed multiple calls to the store and at first they couldn't find our transaction so it wasn't their problem. we kept calling about these bugs but they kept saying there was nothing they could do for us."

"one morning I woke up and went to grab milk from the fridge come to find that the milk went bad because the fridge was no longer cold. right after I had just purchased $250 worth of groceries. I placed a call to lowes and finally they found our transaction but whoops! it was past our warranty (even though we had been calling every week during our warranty)" ...

"Well that night Adam moved the fridge out and when we did, cockroaches came running out of it! tons and tons of babies just pouring out of this fridge. Adam brought it to Lowes that night and they ended up calling the cops on him."

"I've been in touch with the corporate office in North Carolina. I talked to 3 reps and a supervisor there who told me that the store manager would contact me to take care of it. the store manager never called. and when I called to speak with him he refused to talk to me. I called Corp back and finally a rep said that the fridge would be replaced, an exterminator would be paid for, and our groceries would be reimbursed. the next day when the new fridge was supposed to be delivered, nothing showed up. I called back. their supervisor told me that it was a mistake and nothing was going to be done!"

Brittini says they're simply hoping that the Lowe's will honor the word of the representative who Brittini says promised to replace the fridge, the groceries, and pay for the exterminator. As for now, Brittini says she hasn't heard anything from Lowe's since her last phone call.

What would you do if you found insects in something you just bought? Does that video give you the heebie jeebies?


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