If we had an accurate crystal ball, imagine how easy life would be. Disaster could be averted, exact preparations could be taken, and plans could easily be made or cancelled.

With summer winding down and the heat advisories in effect for the Labor Day Weekend, the Old Farmer's Almanac released its findings for the winter of 2018-19. It looks snowier and colder than normal for our region, according to the annual publication from Lewiston, Maine, which celebrates its 200th birthday this year.

The above-average snowfalls for Central New York and the rest of the northeast region will pile up mostly in January and February. But the meteorologists at the National Weather Service disagree; THEY think El Niño (a Pacific weather pattern that has global effects) will produce a WARMER winter with LESS SNOW than normal for us.

For the record, last year the Farmer's Almanac predicted a cold, snowy winter for the northeast and was half-right, as temperatures were higher than average and snowfall totals for places like Syracuse and Utica-Rome exceeded norms.

The Farmer's Almanac closely guards its methodology, saying only that it utilizes a 200-year-old secret formula for its weather prognostications.

Who do you believe? What type of winter would YOU prefer?


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