A viral video from Norway shows a young boy at a bus stop without a jacket. Some passersby shared their jacket, or a scarf or mittens. Watch the viral video and find out what it's all about.

The video is titled Hadde du gitt jakken din til Johannes? which roughly translates to 'Would you give your jacket to John?'


The video is from the SOS Mayday campaign to help people in war-torn Syria and comes with this description from YouTube

låner folk bort jakka si når de ser et barn som fryser? En test utført av SOS-barnebyer bekrefter at det er mye hjertevarme blant folk i Norge. Nå håper vi at engasjementet også når fram til barn i Syria.

The rough translation is that there are heart warming people among Norwegians and if they would help a cold boy at a bus stop, won't they also help the children of Syria.