A sixteen year old student in Loveland, Colorado can't understand why school officials keep taking away his rosary beads.  He wants them for protection and the school has a problem with that.  

Manuel Vigil attends  highschool in the Thompson Valley School District in Loveland, Colarado.  He says he and his family are strong Catholics and he wears his rosary beads to pray and to protect him.  School officials have taken his rosary beads away twice in the past three weeks, according to CNN, because they could harm students and also are disruptive to the learning process.  School officials reportedly gave him the option to put the beads inside his shirt or take them off.  Vigil says otherwise and says he's not a member of a gang and is a good student who just wants to wear them.  Other students at his school take Vigil's side but the school isn't backing down.  What do you think?  Should he be allowed to wear his rosary beads?