The Ilion Angels Pop Warner started a Challengers flag football team and cheer division this year for children with special needs. It is only the 25th in the entire nation.

These kids get a very unique opportunity, who wouldn't necessarily get the chance to be able to. With this team, these kids get a chance to have some fun, play, cheer, and just have a great time! It gives them the experience of playing on a real team, learn discipline and just have an absolute blast doing it.This is the only team in the area who offers this to special needs children.

A Mother of a teammate, Kat Lewis says:

"Just watching their faces light up and all the fun they're having is the greatest feeling in the world."


Head Coach Brad Preston, who is perfect for the job, having such a big heart works with these kids to ensure they have a good time and learn the game along side his two assistant Coaches Tyler Hand and Chad Harris. As well as the cheer leading head coach Katie Baker.

Their Homecoming game is this Sunday October 4th on CVA field in Ilion at 5:30. I encourage you to please go out and cheer them on as they play the JV team. Admission is free, so it won't cost anything to be able to support the astounding team and players.

Also, they could always use more players and cheerleaders! So if you know anybody or you yourself have children with special needs, this is a great chance for your kids to get out and have a whole lot of fun! You can still sign your child up too, so you won't need to wait until next year! It is free to sign up, and you don't have to be directly in Ilion either! You just need to be apart of the many surrounding areas.

For more information, please contact Bill Pope through the Ilion Angels Facebook page found here.

A very special Thank you goes out to the Ilion Angels Coaches Brad, Tyler, Chad, Katie and especially Bill Pope for giving these kids a chance to play!


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