Saturday Night Live comedian and film actor Rob Schneider made a big mistake recently at an Upstate New York comedy show, then made a social plea to make it right.

During a Sunday show at Bethel Woods (site of the original Woodstock music festival in 1969), Schneider tossed his jacket to a kid in the crowd. Later, he realized that the jacket had an important icon from his children in one of the pockets, so he fired up Facebook and offered a trade to recover the item.

“There’s a little Indian pouch in the left pocket. I’ll give you a signed poster from Adam Sandler and me,” he offered in a video (below). “I need that. It’s from my little kids.”

The gambit worked. Dayle Claus, the mother of the boy who caught the jacket, saw the post and responded: “I’m the Mom of the kid (Austin) who got the jacket. I would be happy to send it back." She added that her family loved the show.

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