On Thursday afternoon at San Diego's Comic-Con, Jeff Bridges was on hand to promote his newest film, 'The Giver.' During the panel, Bridges -- as he's wont to do and what makes him Jeff Bridges -- went off on long and unrelated digressions. Here are our six favorite digression topics. (The Dude was brought up many, many times and he's not on this list because that was very expected.)

1. Bud Cort.

2. 'Against All Odds.'

3. 1951's 'The Company She Keeps.'

4. A story about how Lloyd Bridges taught Jeff Bridges and Beau Bridges how to mock-fight at their local supermarket.

5. The one lone scream from the audience when Beau Bridges' name was mentioned.

6. Nazareth's 'Love Hurts.'

'The Giver' opens on August 15.

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