Today is the nationwide protest in opposition to the Common Core testing standards. As a father to three school-aged children, like many other parents in my boat I became painfully aware of this new effort when my kids couldn't do their homework and I as an intelligent adult suddenly didn't know how to help them. Some parents have decided to keep their kids home today in order to make a point to the powers that be and maybe you're one of them, reading this in your peejays after calling in to work.


Scott Barbour/Getty Images

While I am actually a newly educated advocate of the philosophy that is behind the Common Core: teaching the kids to own what they learn rather than to simply go through the educational motions, I feel that this particular cake was pulled out of the oven before it was fully baked. Even the teachers that are supposed to teach it are finding themselves under an intense amount of pressure because they're being expected to teach something that they knew little more about than we did when it was launched.

This year is going to be the hardest and it's going to be us adults taking the brunt of it as we've simply learned differently. But, I was struck by the maturity of one Tennesee teen as he shared his thoughts, smartly advocating his teachers in an eloquent way far beyond his years. Watch and ponder...



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