Where a few short weeks ago we'd all but given up hope on 'Community' season 6, the Greendale Gang has officially been confirmed to return, not only for a new season on Yahoo Screen, but also to Comic-Con 2014! Find out what the cast and crew of 'Community' will bring to the stage in San Diego this year with yet another streets ahead panel!

Details are light for the moment, but it seems as if Yahoo will present its first 'Community' panel on Thursday, July 24 at 2:15 P.M. in Ballroom 20, only a slight step down from the 2013 panel in Hall H. From what we can tell, series creator Dan Harmon will be present for the panel, along with executive producer Chris McKenna and as-yet-undetermined cast members.

When last we heard of 'Community' season 6, Yahoo had espoused the possibility of new episodes arriving this fall, though Harmon took to Twitter to clarify that they'd only start writing the new episodes at that time, likely pushing the season 6 premiere to 2015. Still, with all the fan love and loyalty for 'Community' pushing it through season 6, and its inevitable movie, we imagine Harmon and co. will have plenty to say.

We'll be on hand at Comic-Con 2014 to bring you the latest from 'Community' season 6, but what do you think? Will there be any major news of what to expect from the new season? Will any old castmates return? Tell us what you want to see from the panel in the comments!

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