Pets are largely considered a part of the family. That's why many companies have started giving employees "pawternity leave" — time off to care for their new pets.

Some employers are offering workers up to a week of paid leave to welcome a new furry friend into their family, according to ABC7.

Some of the companies that currently provide the unique perk include Mars Petcare — the pet food division of the candy giant — and dog walker provider Rover.

Tech firm mParticle offers employees two weeks paid time off if they adopt an animal from a shelter.

Scottish craft beer brewery BrewDog, which has U.S. operations in Ohio, also offers workers paid time off after they adopt a dog.

"The regular family isn't everyone's thing. We have to make sure we're nurturing people's family, whether that's furry families or human families," Miranda Dietz, the company's supply chain manager, said, according to the Chicago Tribune. "This is just a really cool way to make sure we're taking care of our people."

Meanwhile, Minneapolis digital marketing agency Nina Hale has a "fur-ternity leave" policy in place that allows pet parents to work from home for up to a week while they adjust to life with a new furry friend.

"Part of embracing employee satisfaction as a business priority means recognizing important life events that happen outside of the office," CEO Donna Robinson said, according to the Chicago Tribune. "If we want to continue to set the example as a top workplace, it is crucial to offer innovative benefits that help to preserve the work-life happiness of our employee owners."

Some companies are also giving employees time off to grieve the loss of beloved pets after they pass away.

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