Here in New York State, the concept of connected community schools is expanding. What exactly does that mean?

Canastota Central School District is the latest Central New York area district to officially become a Connected Community school.

"Everyday when we come to work, we want to have our students have a second to none opportunity. And we want our families to say, you know what, our kids are going to a great school," Superintendent Shawn Bissetta said at the ceremony. "Today is about taking an important step of backing up our words with productive, positive action."

According to the Daily Sentinel, through CCS, students are better able to thrive after having more of their needs met. They have been able to  provide a network of support for needs such as food, hygiene items, clothing, social services, and more.

What Exactly Is A Connected Community School In New York State?


If we were able to bring together the entire community, including agencies, services, organizations, businesses, places of worship, individuals, teachers, administrators, union members and leaders, investors and other people with the same mission, could we help students become successful, productive and engaged healthy citizens?

A connected community school takes the politics out of education in many ways and focuses on all needs, even outside of the school, for children. They provide food, hygiene items, clothing, social services, and more.

Currently there has been a huge success with this concept in the city of Rome, and the idea is expanding across the state. You can read more online here and learn how to get involved.

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