We've all had to get used to the new normal in a lot of different ways. One example is working from home, the rise of Zoom video conferencing, and the constant virtual meetings we need to attend.

Well, the folks at Coors Light (who brought us #AmericaCouldUseABeer) are helping us deal with video conferencing. They've created something called the "Coors Light Clone Machine" that's also trending as a hashtag on Twitter. Here's the tweet from the beer giant:

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This reminds us of the scene in the movie Speed, starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, where they try to fool the villain (Dennis Hopper) with a fake video, but a slight glitch or skip in the tape betrays them.

More proof that technology can be our friend or our enemy. So, as we continue to navigate the new waterways of COVID-19 and emerge on the other side into a brave new world, let's be careful out there.

Would you actually use this trick from Coors Light? Or would you be scared you'd get busted? Or, maybe you'd do this as a joke?

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