If you've ever been to Letchworth State Park in Western New York, you know about the spectacular gorges surrounded by huge cliffs.  On Monday, State Park Police were called to rescue a dog that was trapped on one of those cliffs.

Getting the dog down proved to be a challenge, and park police used a combination of classic skills and high tech for the rescue.  According to parksny.gov, the border collie was stuck in a very steep section of the 400-foot-high cliff, and was not reachable from the bottom.

Since the police could not see the dog, but could hear his barking, they needed to use a drone to locate his exact position and size.  A park police officer was then lowered from the top of the cliff to the spot where "skippy" was trapped.  He was then hauled back up with the dog.

Skippy had been reported missing in the park over the weekend, and has now been returned to his owner.


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