Today is the day that everyone is Irish in New York, but if you plan on celebrating today chances are you will be paying more than most people across the country.

Most people who celebrate today will down a nice cold beer, and the number one choice for a beer on St. Patrick's Day is Guinness. The Irish stout has been a favorite of St. Patrick's Day celebrations for years.

But, if you plan on celebrating with a Guinness today, know that on average here in New York you will be paying more for that pint than most Americans.

According to the website, the average price for a pint of Guinness is $7.90 which is the 5th highest average for a pint in the country.

Here is a list of the 5 highest average prices per pint for Guinness in the country.

1. Califonia - $8.55
2. Nevada - $8.54
3. Washington, DC - $8.10
4. Massachusetts - $8.00
5. New York - $7.90

If you are traveling and want to buy some cheaper Guinness, the lowest average for a pint of Guinness is in Montana, where a pint will cost you about $5.00.

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Now if you ask me, that is a great deal for a pint of Guinness. I am a big fan of dark beers and stouts and I am a big fan of Guinness but I am also a cheap person, so here is a great trick to get a great deal on a pint of Guinness.

Buy it in the store and drink it at home. I recently got an 8 pack of Guinness for $9.99 plus deposit and it came with a $5 digital rebate. So in the end, I ended up playing under $10 for 8 Guinnesses! That is what I call a deal.

No matter what you drink or how you celebrate St. Patrick's Day today, make sure to have fun and be safe.

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