When was the last time you needed a phone number? Did you search the white pages or did you use Google? Every day the phone book is closer to extinction.

When I was born I didn't know what an 8-Track player was so children born in the next few years probably wont know what a "phone book" is.

In 2008, a study found that only 11% of people were still relying on the White Pages when they wanted to look up someone's number. That was down from 25% in 2005. And if they ran the survey again now, it would probably be in the single digits. Fifteen states have given phone companies permission to stop printing phone books: Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

AT&T has set up a system in some of those states where they'll only provide a phonebook on request. Only about 2% of households have requested one. If the directories go extinct, it could save at least 100,000 tons of paper every year. Google anyone?

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