It’s that time of year again when all the soon-to-be brides get just a tad bit stressed from all the spring wedding preparations. Not to mention they want to look perfect in their dresses, no matter how over-the-top or extravagant they are.

Some brides will go to great lengths to draw everyone’s attention towards them, even if that means wearing a two-mile-long train and a bust made from toilet paper instead of the traditional wedding attire. Just to prove how much of a statement can be made while walking down the aisle, here are the top 15 out-of-the-ordinary wedding dresses.

Pink Is the New White

The Truffle Shuffle

Award-Winning Wedding dRESS?

164-Feet-Long Wedding Train

Better Than a Veil

Beyonce, We Can See Your Underwear

Toilet Paper Wedding Dresses

Two-Mile-Long Wedding Dress

The Statement Head Piece

It’s All About the Hair

Cake Walk

Wedding Dress From China’s Fashion Week

Walk-of-Shame Wedding Dress

How Much Flair Can We Add?

Mariah Carey’s Halloween Wedding Dress… But It Still Counts