A Taylor Swift meet-and-greet contest hosted by a radio station has slowly been turned into a creep show, thanks to some Internet trolls on the website 4chan.

All KISS 108 wanted to do was find the biggest Swift fan and offer them them two tickets to one of her concerts on top of a meet-and-greet.

Nice, right? But, this is where it gets creepy.

Currently, the guy sitting pretty in first place (pictured above) is there only because his friend announced on the website that his buddy wanted to, "Crush the dreams of these girls and give him a chance to make a complete a-- of himself by blatantly just sniffing her hair with cameras rolling." Man, that's cold-blooded...  and creepy... and this guy needs a hobby.

Each contestant has to write a short entry about why they are Taylor's biggest fan. Charles Z.'s reads, "I'm a 39 year old man and I love Taylor so much and don't care that both adults and children mock me for it. But I feel 22 if that helps."

With this ruse out in the open now, we would imagine KISS 108 will probably award the prize to someone who is actually in it to go to a Taylor Swift concert and meet the starlet. We can only hope...