Last week Governor Andrew Cuomo spoke about renovating the 27 New York Thruway rest stops. He says the taxpayer isn't going to foot the bill.

This is not a new initiative by Cuomo as he has been wanting to do this for quite some while, 2018 is when he first spoke about it according to CBS 6 in Albany. It seems this year it made it through to the final budget and will be commencing in the coming years. This isn't just for a few of them, but all 27.

“We are going to rebuild all 27 thruway service areas. Its time they were redone at one period but its time to redo them again.” said Cuomo during his budget announcement on Wednesday. “And these service areas can be more than service areas. They can be tourism destination sites and that’s what we want to do.” - Gov. Cuomo/CBS6Albany

Now, the interesting part is that it won't cost the residents of New York a single solitary penny. I know from reading the comments on the CBS 6 Facebook page, many people didn't seem to believe that notion. The total cost of the plan is $450 million dollars and will be paid for privately by the Empire State Thruway Partners. Basically, they rent from the thruway authority so they front the bill on it.

So, we get renovated rest stops in New York and we truly won't be paying for it. It seems like a win-win all around. You can find out more from CBS 6 in Albany here.

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