Hey Utica! Who remembers Dan-Dee Donuts? There were several locations sprinkled throughout the Mohawk Valley.

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Dan-Dee Donuts began springing up in Central New York beginning in the late 1950s. It was started by Jerome "Jerry" Rosenblum and Tom Watkins. Known for their coffee and "50 varieties" of donuts, they had locations in Utica, Yorkville, Herkimer, Little Falls, among others. At their peak there were roughly 20 Dan-Dee Donut shops throughout Central New York. Most were open 24 hours.

Dan-Dee Donuts (fan page) on Facebook
Dan-Dee Donuts (fan page) on Facebook

Joseph T. Ferlo, co-owner of Ferlo's Baking Co., merged with Dan-Dee sometime in the 1980s, according to his 2011 obituary. Dan-Dee's eventually started closing down one-by-one, but the original Ferlo's Bakery still operates on Floyd Avenue in Rome.


I must not be the only Dan-Dee Donuts fan out there, because a fellow enthusiast has taken it upon themselves to create retro t-shirts for the defunct donut shop. The shirts can be purchased at Retropolis Tees. There are a few different designs, but how can you not go with the classic yellow? It's just like the signs! Check it out:

Retropolis Tees
Retropolis Tees

It's hard to forget that smiling cherub face with a donut on his head. The bright yellow signage was very effective at getting your attention and making you want to stop in. Of course, the delicious smell of donuts didn't hurt either.

Now there's a Dunkin' Donuts practically on every street corner. Dan-Dee harkens back to a time when donuts were a little more "special."

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