This is the time of year when Central New York lawns experience dandelion domination. Our yard (above) leads the entire neighborhood in DPSF, dandelions per square foot, and it appears there's nothing we can do about it.

When I asked my Facebook Friends for advice on dealing with the ubiquitous flowers/weeds, they came through with a variety of responses, none of them very optimistic. Here's a brief sampling of their advice:

Jeff Favalo said: "Too late for this year. Start early with weed and feed (April after the ground stops freezing) attack them individually with a weed spray and get them cut before they go to seed. Will probably take 2 years to really get rid of them. Of course a lot depends on what the situation is at any neighbors. Good luck."

Bill Nichols: "If you have neighbors whose lawns have them, you will have them as well no matter what you do."

Trish Springer: "My yard is the same. This is the good section. Lol I don't have an answer for you."

Jeff Bachstein: "Move."

Jim Jerome: "Just keep giving em haircuts. Green is green."

Frank Abbadessa: "Pucker up and blow."

Rick Adams: "The only way I got rid of them 100% was when I hired out my lawn treatments instead of doing them myself."

According to, dandelions have many little-known benefits, including "relief from liver disorders, diabetes, urinary disorders, acne, jaundicecancer, and anemia. Dandelions can also help in maintaining bone healthskin care, and weight loss."

So, it sounds like the dandelions are here to stay. If you have any other thoughts or strategies, don't be shy.


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