It's a day of fun and mud and is known to many as the Boilermaker's "little brother." Every year, held in Deansboro, the Daniel Barden Mudfest is held in honor of one of the first graders (Daniel Barden) killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.

The event typically features a few different options to participate in: an untimed 5K mud run, one heat timed 5k & a 5 mile timed mud run, plus a fun mud run for the kiddos.

In the past, the run has been held in April - which runners have said makes the event a little bit chillier than they would like, but nonetheless they participate anyways. Today, it was announced that the day for 2020 might be some good news for runners.

According to their Facebook page, the run will be held in May coming up in 2020!

Mark it down on your calendar! It's coming May 2nd of 2020!

Will you be signing up (again?) You can find out more information at their website.

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