Ghost is a deaf five-year-old Terrier, Pit Bull mix who was recently adopted by James from the Humane Society of Rome. He's one lucky pup.

James and Ghost are having a great time getting to know each other. Since Ghost came into his life, he says Ghost is defiantly in charge of the seating and sleeping arrangements.

It's been a little more than a week since Ghost moved in, took over a very large section of my couch and an unbelievably larger section of my bed. I mean, like he gets 98% of the bed, I get 2% type deal, which defies the laws of physics, because it's a queen size bed and he weighs 54lbs, but that's the deal.

The cards were stacked against Ghost as he's completely deaf and needed an owner who could communicate with him in alternative ways like hand signals. James came through in the clutch, and it sounds like they're getting on just fine.

James says Ghost snores like an old man and farts like one too, "we are talking big dog, who loves steak farts. Yeah, he's spoiled."

Ghost likes to mark his territory and lay in the driveway to nap and watch the cars drive by. That scares the ever-loving hell out of James because he doesn't want people thinking the dog is being abused by making him stay out there, so thanks to Ghost, James is now the creepy old guy who sits on his front porch who is also watching the cars drive by. LOL. James does have a beautiful fenced-in yard for Ghost to hang out in, but the prince doesn't like to get his feet wet.

James, a proud new pet parent, brags about his boy's talents:

1. Ghost not only knows how to open doors, but he also knows how to lift up toilet seats, so yeah, I've taken to having to lock my bathroom doors.
The reason for that is twofold.
1. That's kinda gross. I don't want toilet kisses.
2. Ghost seems to have the bladder of a little old lady that he fills to the brim at all times, so if he takes anything more than a small sip of water, he's going to need to go pee within the next 90 to 120 seconds.

James is our hero for adopting Ghost. We wish more people would open their homes to save a pet. Follow the link to read Ghost - A Success Story.

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