Deb Cabral, The DeClutter Coach, announced that Organization Motivation! and Organized in 60 Seconds are both now reaching a national audience.   


Each week "Declutter Coach" Deb Cabral comes into the Lite 98.7 studio to give us practical advice and organizational tips. Her segment is called Transformation Thursday and you can watch and listen to all of her episodes on our website at

Back in 2011 Deb's hit TV show "Organization Motivation!" debuted in Utica. It eventually  made its way into the Syracuse market in 2014. I've watched the show several times and it always reminds me of just how much I really need her "DeCluttering" help. Her show typically spotlights local businesses and families who need some organizational assistance:

Deb and her team coach families and businesses to declutter, get organized and take control of their lives with their expert motivational advice and techniques. In each episode, Deb and her team work with a residential or corporate organizing client and viewers can see the process, pick up tips and celebrate the “before and after”.

Deb's other segment called "Organized in 60 Seconds" features 1 minute quick tips to help you organize your home, your work space, and your life. Deb knows you lead a busy life and these short segments were designed to help you DeClutter a little bit at a time.

Recently Deb announced that one or both of her TV segments are now being seen in 9 different states including Wisconsin, California, Tennessee, Iowa, Indiana, Arkansas, Maryland, Illinois and New York. More stations throughout the nation are being added often and Deb is extremely grateful for the new doors that have opened:

“We’re so thrilled to announce this milestone! This has been a goal of ours since the beginning. The show will now be able to reach even more people who may be struggling with keeping their lives organized and can help them get started on the right path.”

Congratulations Deb, we knew you were going places!

Bonus Video:

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