Candy apples.  Apple pie.  Apple muffins.  There are so many yummy ways to enjoy apples.  It's time for harvest treats and Delilah shares a delicious apple cake recipe. 

It's Time for Harvest Treats

I don't really need another reason to enjoy picking apples from my orchard this time of year, but the folks at Marzetti just gave me one: Apple Upside Down Cakes! The recipe includes apples, cinnamon, spice cake and Marzetti Caramel Dip...need I say more? This dessert will surely make an appearance at my harvest party this month, and probably again at Thanksgiving, and probably the next time I crave something comforting and sweet, warm and fresh out of the oven...

Get Delilah's recipe right here.  A sweet harvest treat sounds good to me right about now.