No more teachers, no more books.  School is done for the summer and you're stuck with a closet full of new or barely used erasers, pens, pencils, notebooks and more.  Delilah has an idea for those leftover school supplies.  How about helping Delilah stuff the bus?


Not sure what to do with all those school supplies, clothes you don't wear and other stuff taking up space at home?  Help Delilah stuff the bus and you might win an autographed copy of her book, "Arms Full of Love."  Plus, you'll be helping Delilah's Point of Hope charity too.  They sure could use your help.  More from Delilah:

Point Hope, the charity I founded to be the voice for forgotten children domestically and abroad, is eager to accept your donations and use them to continue the educational quest of children in Africa.

Not only is Point Hope willing to send school supplies, but if you have other “stuff” taking up space in your life, things that are usable but perhaps an older model of your new gadget, or household stuff taking up space on your shelves, we will use it to “Stuff the Bus” with much-needed supplies heading to West Africa.

All this stuff will fill the homes, schools and skills training centers of Point Hope Village, a special place for orphans and widows to live safely and well.


What items could they use?  Details right here.


Delilah Daily-Use Your Words Wisely

Thinking before speaking. Saying something you later regret and wish you could take back. Sound familiar? Delilah shares her thoughts on using your words wisely. Yahoo/Delilah Words are powerful and hurtful ones can leave their mark long after they've been said. Thinking before speaking is something even Delilah admits she sometimes fails to do.