Imagine you are doing a little shopping at Destiny USA in Syracuse and decide to grab a bite to eat. You're not looking for anything too fancy, just a quick meal to satisfy your hunger. All of a sudden a waiter in a tuxedo drops by your table and places a nice fancy table cloth under your Popeye's Chicken and a woman comes by to serenade you with a violin? That was the case for this unsuspecting couple.

The video of the surprise was in promotion of the ultimate date night experience offered by Destiny USA. As you may know the shopping destination is more than just a place to purchase clothes, electronics, and other items. It is a place where you can dine, drink, and be entertained. Right now they are offering a Winter Fun Day Pass which allows access to 13 entertainment options of your choosing – it’s an action packed day for any adult or child! You pick four of the several attractions plus a ride on the antique carousel for one low price. For a full list of attractions you can visit The Destiny USA website.

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