A wild scene out of Florida will leave parents and non-parents alike stunned.

A woman in Citrus County stopped a man from abducting her 13-year-old daughter at a Dollar General store on Tuesday. The whole scene was caught on surveillance camera and the video is riveting.

The man who tried to kidnap the girl has been identified as Craig Bonello, 30. After the mother fought him off, Bonello attempted to flee the store, but was arrested by an off-duty officer who was outside the store.

In the video, Bonello is seen dragging the girl on the ground, while the mother desperately tries to stop him, at one point jumping on her daughter to protect her.

No one was hurt and it's unclear why Bonello, who's been charged with kidnapping and child abuse, was intent on taking the teen.

Bonnello has a history of legal problems, including several arrests, and his uncle said, "He needs to talk to some psychiatrists and find out what the issue is."

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