Forbes has named America's auto city, Detroit, Michigan, as the most miserable city in the country.  Michigan is home to several miserable cities, according to Forbes ranking.  Want more misery? 

Photo by J.D. Pooley/Getty Images
Photo by J.D. Pooley/Getty Images

Forbes looked at two hundred of the largest metropolitan areas in the country to come up with this list.  Each had to have a population of at least 259,000 and factors such as violent crime, property tax rates, foreclosure, the average unemployment rate, average commute time and weather all factored in to determine a city's misery.

The ten most miserable cities in America:

1.  Detroit, Michigan

2.  Flint, Michigan

3.  Rockford, Illinois

4.  Chicago, Illinois

5.  Modesto, California

6.  Vallejo, California

7.  Warren, Michigan

8.  Stockton, California

9.  Lake County, Illinois

10.  New York, New York

Any thoughts?  What city would you choose for most miserable?

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